Solar Pool Heating Gives You Three Times the Fun

According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, the addition of a solar pool heating system and use of a solar pool blanket will add a sizeable chunk of days to your recreational swimming pool use.

Here are the amount of days you can expect to keep a pool at 80 degrees or warmer:
  • 107 days a year without a solar pool heater and with the typical Florida screen enclosure
  • 144 days a year without a solar pool heater and without the screen enclosure
  • 290 days a year with a solar pool heater, with screen enclosure, and a solar pool blanket on nights that go below 60 degrees
Solar pool heating systems for pools in St. Johns, Putnam, Duval, Flagler, and Volusia Counties are keeping pools at about 80-82 degrees during the current north Florida fall weather.  The use of a solar pool blanket (which Wayne's Solar provides free with the purchase of every solar pool heating system) will bring that expected temperature to 88-89 degrees.

Living in Florida is all about fun in the sun, swimming, and enjoying the outdoors.  Utilizing a solar pool heater makes the summer last all the longer.  Although not as effective as solar pool blankets, Wayne's Solar also provides an alternative "liquid solar blanket" that is applied to pool water on a monthly basis, for those who would prefer not to, or who cannot manage, the covering and uncovering of their pool with a blanket.  

Contact Wayne's Solar for a free estimate today - it's not too late to get extra enjoyment from your pool this year because solar pool heating systems are kept in stock for quick and easy installation.

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