Florida Solar Power Contractor Options from Wayne's Solar

What would you do to retrofit your existing home to utilize the amazing natural power of the sun?  Would you build a new home using only clean solar energy to power it?  Wayne's Solar offers a full range of solar solutions fully installed by knowledgeable and friendly technicians:

Florida solar photovoltaic systems - What is not to love?  The satisfaction of obtaining sustainable, free energy from the sun for your whole house electrical needs is its own reward.  Even better, extra power that you produce with your Wayne's Solar installed solar electric system can be sold back to the utility company for credit.  Additional capabilities such as smart thermostats and many choices of just the right solar electric system for you make this green option extra appealing.  

Florida solar pool heaters - Having a comfortably heated pool does not seem like much of a necessity until the early spring and late fall months in Florida.  Use the free, clean energy of the sun to heat your swimming pool using a solar hot pool heater.  Enjoy the health and fun of your pool for several extra months with the knowledge that you are not spending extra money or making the electric company richer.

Florida solar water heaters - One third of the average home spends its utility bill on hot water heating needs.  For hotels, group homes, and health care settings this cost is even higher.  Think about it: the dishwasher, clothes washing, and of course bathing take gallons and gallons of hot water on a daily basis.  Cut this expense with the right solar hot water heating system for you.

Solar pool pumps - If you have a pool then the water must be filtered using a solar pool pump system.  Pool pumps burn a lot of energy, even if they only run the required minimum amount of hours each day.  A solar pool pump runs from sun up to sun down, using nothing but free, reliable solar energy collected from panels specially placed on your roof.

Solar attic fans - Once installed you do not know they are there, yet solar attic fans give you savings back in cooling costs and extended life of your roof.  Like all of the solar products installed by Wayne's Solar to Florida homes and businesses in Putnam, St. Johns, Flagler, and Volusia Counties, solar attic fans that you purchase also come with a 30 percent tax credit come tax time.

Want to know more?  You can get a free estimate from Wayne's Solar for your energy needs in north central Florida.  

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