What's New at Wayne's Solar

We have been providing solar services to the Ormond Beach, Florida area for over 25 years but that does not mean we do not keep up on the latest products and advances in the solar power industry.  We also believe in giving our customers the best deals so that they may reap the benefits of free, clean energy from the sun.  As of late there are many new things going on at Wayne's Solar:

Black Friday Special!   November 21-30, 2010 features our amazing Black Friday Special Deal. For only $3995, the customer receives a ten inch Sun Tunnel AND a Solar Hot Water Heater (80 Gallon Tank and four by ten panel).  There is an extra charge on the rare occasion that a longer pipe run or tunnel over six feet is needed.

Solar Pool Pumps! It is now possible to use free, clean solar energy to power the water filtration system of your pool using a solar pool pump, which can save you an average of $850 per year on your utility bill (pool pumps are typically the biggest energy drain after HVAC!).  Keep your swimming pool clear and beautiful year round using the free resources of the sun.

Garage Exhaust Systems! Add this new feature to your solar attic fan installation for a win-win situation. Cool your attic and garage, save energy, and lengthen the life of your roof with a solar attic fan that is easily converted to a garage ventilation system all in one.  Florida garages are often blazing hot in summer - not so with a system such as this.

Stay tuned for more news and information about solar energy from your friends at Wayne's Solar.


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