Solar Hot Water Heaters For All Florida Climates

Nearly one third of the average home's electric bill is devoted to heating water. The cost for domestic hot water heating adds up quickly! Unfortunately the cost will not go down in the future; it's more likely to go up. Unless you make a change to solar...

Solar water heaters have been in use for 20 years and the technology is only getting better. The savings a solar hot water heating system provides will eventually pay for itself many times over. 

Solar water heaters are self-sufficient and smart - they work only when they need to. The Nuvis solar water heating system, the brand specially installed by Wayne's Solar to customers in central and north Florida, comes with many of the components already prefabricated which dramatically reduces the time necessary to install the system.

Solar hot water heaters are so efficient they do not need any routine maintenance. On the rare day when the sun does not provide all your hot water needs, the back-up electric heating element automatically turns on and ensures no loss in service.

The primary difference between solar water heaters offered by Wayne's Solar and the competition is that our hot water heating system solar water heater is an active system. The alternative passive solar water heating systems can only provide about 40-50% of your average water heating and they act more like pre-heaters rather than self sufficient water heaters.

Do you live in a region of Florida with freezing temperatures? Wayne's Solar provides three different types of solar hot water heaters for Florida customers. You can rest assured your solar heated water will be flowing effectively through your system no matter the weather that day.

Look at some solar hot water heating installation photos or read more about solar hot water heaters in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, and beyond.

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