The Coolest Green Design Element: Sun Tunnel Skylights

Along with solar electric systems for pool and home, Wayne's Solar offers a natural, energy-efficient alternative to artificial lighting as well: sun tunnels, which are tubular shaped skylights that collect sunlight from every direction, send it down a tube, then diffuse it into previously dark interior spaces. A room that has been "daylighted" looks more beautiful and stays slightly cooler since typical electric lighting actually creates heat. Sun tunnels even light a room on cloudy days!

The sunlight captured from the rooftop and redirected down the reflective tube is so soft that it does not promote UV damage to materials within the illuminated space. Tubular skylights can be the source of illumination for previously dark rooms that you never thought possible to experience natural light: closets, small bathrooms, kitchen corners, laundry rooms, or hallways. As long as there is access to the roof, sun tunnels are a breeze to install.

How about only hitting your light switch when the sun goes down? It's definitely possible with sun tunnels that go from 10 inch to 21 inches in size, corresponding with 300 to 1450 watts of electricity. Tubular skylights are an easy and effective way to earn green certification credits for building projects. And there's a 30 percent tax credit just for installing a light tube!

What other benefits come from utilizing pure, clean sunlight in the rooms of your home or business? Your houseplants will enjoy the full-spectrum light and it's always easier to perform certain tasks in natural light such as applying makeup or reading. In addition you can save up to 40 percent off your utility bill.

From the roof, a sun tunnel looks like a shallow glass dome. Inside the home the diffused light from the tubular skylight could be mistaken for a large recessed light if it were not for how lovely the light itself glows as compared to a traditional light bulb. Sun tunnels from Wayne's Solar can fit where conventional skylights do not and can take as little as two hours to install.

Sun tunnels create a design impact that is also easy and economical. Use of skylights mean that artificial lighting is turned off an average of 70 to 80 percent. The cost of a solar tube can be paid back in energy savings in as soon as two years - provided it is installed by an experienced solar contractor. Wayne's Solar will assist you in determining which and how many sun tunnels you need to get the desired amount of lighting and achieve maximum savings.

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