Why choose a salt water pool over traditional chlorine?

Salinated (saline = salted water) swimming pools have become very popular in Florida. Perhaps inhabitants of the Sunshine State love our surrounding natural aquatics so much that we demand something akin to it in our backyard pools. It seems that this is true, and with good reason - salt water pools just feel better.

Keep in mind that salinated pools do produce chlorine, but in a different way and in much lower levels. Salinated pools utilize a salt chlorine generator, whereas the traditional pool system has harsh chlorine added directly to the water. Because of the way a salt system functions, there are no chloramines which are an undesirable byproduct of typical chlorination.

Salt water pools provide the following benefits over traditional chlorinated pools:
  • Maintenance of a salinated pool does not require toxic chemicals to be bought, stored, or handled. 
  • Salt water pools do not provoke the scent of chlorine bleach in your nose as you swim. Some people report allergic reactions to chlorine but not to salt. 
  • Saline pools are easier on the eyes and do not cause the redness or stinging that chlorine is known for. 
  • In general salt water pools require less manual maintenance. 
  • The water simply feels better on the skin and hair in a salinated pool - it is less drying and you feel cleaner after you swim than with chlorine. 
  • Some people believe they float in salt water better. 
  • A salt water pool is much clearer than a traditional chlorinated pool. 
  • Swimsuits fade and break down quickly in a chlorine pool. 
  • Salt water systems cost less overall to run. 
  • Traditional chlorine pools can contain copper which is known to turn blonde hair green. 
  • Salt does not evaporate from a pool like chlorine does, and salt recycles itself. 
Wayne's Solar of central Florida is in the business of heating pools with the natural power of the sun. In addition, they are also your go-to source for salt water pool systems in Duval, Putnam, St. Johns, Flagler, and Clay, Volusia counties. Wayne's Solar will explain to you in depth how a salt chlorine generator works and what your many options are for building a new salinated pool or retrofitting an existing one.

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