Increasing Property Value the Smart Way: Go Solar

Solar power isn't just for hippies anymore. Case in point: the Daytona Beach News Journal recently published this profile of a Maserati-driving, private jet-owning eye surgeon who retrofitted his entire home with solar installations by Wayne's Solar. This gentleman is the new face of the solar customer: someone who wants to be energy independent because he has an eye on the future. He is also increasing the property value of his home exponentially. Consider this:

According to statistics from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, a property's value rises $20,000 for every $1000 in reduced yearly electricity cost.

When a home goes on the market, it is much more attractive if it has solar power and therefore low (or non-existent) utility bills. Or imagine if your home is the one that actually earns credits from the energy company, basically making it an income-earning property.

Aesthetics have changed with the times. Whereas some people used to think that solar panels actually detracted from the appearance of a home, the new green thinking turns the space age looking glass panels on the roof into a design plus.

Contact Wayne's Solar if you are in Duval, Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns, Volusia Counties, or the surrounding areas of Florida to make a significant improvement to your home or business with solar energy.

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