What You Need to Know About Home Energy Audits

A home energy audit can be very helpful in determining the best ways to save money by increasing your home's efficiency in a variety of ways.  Some companies offer free home energy audits but the consumer must be aware that this service is sometimes followed up the same company using the audit as a way to sell their own energy-saving products.  This is not necessarily a bad thing - except that unfortunately quite often these products, such as solar hot water heaters, are extremely overpriced compared to what a solar contractor such as Wayne's Solar can install for you.

Although it is possible to find a free energy audit, you may opt to spend a few hundred dollars to have this valuable service performed with all the possible elements such as a door blower test to determine air flow and leaks, as well as infrared thermography to check the levels of insulation throughout the house.  Your auditor will perform a checklist of tasks and you will be given a written report of their findings.  It is a good idea to be present during the inspection so you can ask questions and point out specific areas of concern.  Be aware that it is almost never worth replacing all your windows for energy efficiency - the savings are just not as measurable as installing a solar hot water heating system.  

Home energy audits are a great way to get started on your road to a green home!  Just remember to shop around when you know what you need - Wayne's Solar provides complete and dependable solar energy solutions to Volusia, Flagler, Duval, St. Johns, and Putnam Counties at affordable prices.

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