Get Rewarded for Solar Water Heating in Florida

You can still get the 30 percent tax credit on your federal return when you install a solar powered water heater in Florida. Beaches Energy, JEA, and Clay Electric utility customers are also eligible for rebates.  Going solar pays off!

Utilizing incentives to install solar hot water systems is the smart way to upgrade your home's green design.  The consultants at Wayne's Solar will run the numbers for you and explain how going solar pays off quickly for homeowners and commercial property investors.

Did you know that one third of your electric bill is water heating costs?  That adds up, especially for facilities that use a lot of water such as medical offices.  Installing a solar water heater saves money and the environment. Solar panels on Florida homes are beautiful and functional.    

Solar hot water heaters work automatically and seamlessly, using the free and clean power of the Florida sun.  Our many happy customers confirm drastically reduced electric bills, especially when combined with photovoltaic for solar electric and solar attic fans.  

If you have a pool, our solar pool heating and variable speed pool pumps save you even more.  Wayne's Solar has been installing technology to harness the energy of the sun in Florida since 1983.  Contact us to find out more about rebates, credits, and benefits of solar hot water heaters.

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