Solar Florida Blog Celebrates Five Years

On November 2, 2009, we made our very first Solar Florida blog post, which means this source of solar business and industry information has been going strong for five years now!  With a readership of over 17,000 page views to date, we think this blog has been a success in distributing the facts about green home design and sustainable energy efficiency.

Also interesting have been the most popular blog posts as time has gone by.  Here are the top five in five years of publication:

Why choose a salt water pool over traditional chlorine? - With over 3,500 views of this blog post, it is apparent that many people are wondering the answer to this question.

Solar Hot Water Heaters For All Florida Climates - A very basic breakdown of the one solar upgrade you can make to your home that can save you up to a third on electricity.

Passive vs. Active Solar Hot Water Heater Systems - Did you know there were two different ways to heat your water using solar energy?  This explains the difference.

The Coolest Green Design Element: Sun Tunnel Skylights - If you have never seen these in action, you will be amazed at the level of light they create.

The Ideology of Solar: An Interview with Wayne Phillips - This recent post is climbing fast on the list of the most popular blog articles.

What else would you like to read about on Solar Florida?  Contact us at Wayne's Solar and let us know your questions about solar pool heating, photovoltaic electric systems for your home or business, and more.

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