Home Energy Management Systems Put You in Control

If you are looking for ways to increase your home's energy efficiency or test the energy savings of your solar systems, you might consider the addition of an energy management device, which can be easy to install and a breeze to access through your computer's internet. Technology like this lets you know where energy is being wasted, enabling you to then make changes that can save you money on your utility bill.

Saving money through monitoring your electricity use is one way to benefit from the installation of a home energy management system. An extra bonus for our solar customers is that it may also monitor how much power is being produced by a photovoltaic solar electric system! This means you will know in both kilowatts and dollars the amount of power you are getting from the sun, as well as how much you are sending back to the grid.

Looking for a way to track your home energy usage and solar power production in Central and Northeast Florida? Wayne's Solar is headquartered in Ormond Beach and serves the sun-powered energy needs of the surrounding areas including Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Port Orange, and Daytona. Inquire with us about home energy management systems and allow us to give you a free estimate when you are ready to put the latest solar green technology to work for you.

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