Solar Energy News in Florida

It should be kept in mind that, despite the cloud cover that results from Florida's proximity to water, Florida's sunshine is very strong because the state is in the subtropics. Rays from the sun arrive at a steep angle, bringing a high degree of ultraviolet radiation.

-USA Today Weather Center

Whether you yearn for a lifestyle virtually off the grid, or just want to save money by using solar energy, there is something out there for you. Harnessing the power of sun means you are contributing to a cleaner, brighter tomorrow for the generations to come. There is also just a good feeling that comes from using something so free and plentiful as the sun; it is an opportunity where we can be partnered with nature rather than opposed.

A Florida solar power plant has recently made headlines for hosting the President when he announced new federal funds being allocated for solar energy initiatives. This means more technological advances to benefit consumers as well as job growth.

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