A Great Year for Solar - A Great Year for Wayne's

Cycling superstar Gary Bethea is dedicating miles of bike riding to promote Wayne's Solar thanks to RW Sports Marketing. Gary is a premier athlete promoting our superior solar services.  Look for Gary as he cycles around the local area at top speed - think of him as our moving, interactive billboard.

Gary is one of the many exciting things that has happened for Wayne's Solar in the last year.  Our company has continued to serve Duval, Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns, and Volusia Counties' solar energy needs.  Our many happy customers have provided countless testimonials, which we have added to our web site.  We have also added special deals for visitors on the web, as well as a page where you can find out what events you may find Wayne's Solar.  Our Facebook and Twitter pages are going strong - we enjoy providing our valued audience with news about our company and the solar energy sector in general.

Thank you to our readers and to our customers and business associates for a great 2010 - we look forward to continued success in the upcoming year!  Contact Wayne's Solar for all your solar pool heating, solar hot water heating, solar electric systems, and so much more.

What's New at Wayne's Solar

We have been providing solar services to the Ormond Beach, Florida area for over 25 years but that does not mean we do not keep up on the latest products and advances in the solar power industry.  We also believe in giving our customers the best deals so that they may reap the benefits of free, clean energy from the sun.  As of late there are many new things going on at Wayne's Solar:

Black Friday Special!   November 21-30, 2010 features our amazing Black Friday Special Deal. For only $3995, the customer receives a ten inch Sun Tunnel AND a Solar Hot Water Heater (80 Gallon Tank and four by ten panel).  There is an extra charge on the rare occasion that a longer pipe run or tunnel over six feet is needed.

Solar Pool Pumps! It is now possible to use free, clean solar energy to power the water filtration system of your pool using a solar pool pump, which can save you an average of $850 per year on your utility bill (pool pumps are typically the biggest energy drain after HVAC!).  Keep your swimming pool clear and beautiful year round using the free resources of the sun.

Garage Exhaust Systems! Add this new feature to your solar attic fan installation for a win-win situation. Cool your attic and garage, save energy, and lengthen the life of your roof with a solar attic fan that is easily converted to a garage ventilation system all in one.  Florida garages are often blazing hot in summer - not so with a system such as this.

Stay tuned for more news and information about solar energy from your friends at Wayne's Solar.


Solar Pool Heating Gives You Three Times the Fun

According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, the addition of a solar pool heating system and use of a solar pool blanket will add a sizeable chunk of days to your recreational swimming pool use.

Here are the amount of days you can expect to keep a pool at 80 degrees or warmer:
  • 107 days a year without a solar pool heater and with the typical Florida screen enclosure
  • 144 days a year without a solar pool heater and without the screen enclosure
  • 290 days a year with a solar pool heater, with screen enclosure, and a solar pool blanket on nights that go below 60 degrees
Solar pool heating systems for pools in St. Johns, Putnam, Duval, Flagler, and Volusia Counties are keeping pools at about 80-82 degrees during the current north Florida fall weather.  The use of a solar pool blanket (which Wayne's Solar provides free with the purchase of every solar pool heating system) will bring that expected temperature to 88-89 degrees.

Living in Florida is all about fun in the sun, swimming, and enjoying the outdoors.  Utilizing a solar pool heater makes the summer last all the longer.  Although not as effective as solar pool blankets, Wayne's Solar also provides an alternative "liquid solar blanket" that is applied to pool water on a monthly basis, for those who would prefer not to, or who cannot manage, the covering and uncovering of their pool with a blanket.  

Contact Wayne's Solar for a free estimate today - it's not too late to get extra enjoyment from your pool this year because solar pool heating systems are kept in stock for quick and easy installation.

Florida Solar Power Contractor Options from Wayne's Solar

What would you do to retrofit your existing home to utilize the amazing natural power of the sun?  Would you build a new home using only clean solar energy to power it?  Wayne's Solar offers a full range of solar solutions fully installed by knowledgeable and friendly technicians:

Florida solar photovoltaic systems - What is not to love?  The satisfaction of obtaining sustainable, free energy from the sun for your whole house electrical needs is its own reward.  Even better, extra power that you produce with your Wayne's Solar installed solar electric system can be sold back to the utility company for credit.  Additional capabilities such as smart thermostats and many choices of just the right solar electric system for you make this green option extra appealing.  

Florida solar pool heaters - Having a comfortably heated pool does not seem like much of a necessity until the early spring and late fall months in Florida.  Use the free, clean energy of the sun to heat your swimming pool using a solar hot pool heater.  Enjoy the health and fun of your pool for several extra months with the knowledge that you are not spending extra money or making the electric company richer.

Florida solar water heaters - One third of the average home spends its utility bill on hot water heating needs.  For hotels, group homes, and health care settings this cost is even higher.  Think about it: the dishwasher, clothes washing, and of course bathing take gallons and gallons of hot water on a daily basis.  Cut this expense with the right solar hot water heating system for you.

Solar pool pumps - If you have a pool then the water must be filtered using a solar pool pump system.  Pool pumps burn a lot of energy, even if they only run the required minimum amount of hours each day.  A solar pool pump runs from sun up to sun down, using nothing but free, reliable solar energy collected from panels specially placed on your roof.

Solar attic fans - Once installed you do not know they are there, yet solar attic fans give you savings back in cooling costs and extended life of your roof.  Like all of the solar products installed by Wayne's Solar to Florida homes and businesses in Putnam, St. Johns, Flagler, and Volusia Counties, solar attic fans that you purchase also come with a 30 percent tax credit come tax time.

Want to know more?  You can get a free estimate from Wayne's Solar for your energy needs in north central Florida.  

Solar Hot Water Heaters For All Florida Climates

Nearly one third of the average home's electric bill is devoted to heating water. The cost for domestic hot water heating adds up quickly! Unfortunately the cost will not go down in the future; it's more likely to go up. Unless you make a change to solar...

Solar water heaters have been in use for 20 years and the technology is only getting better. The savings a solar hot water heating system provides will eventually pay for itself many times over. 

Solar water heaters are self-sufficient and smart - they work only when they need to. The Nuvis solar water heating system, the brand specially installed by Wayne's Solar to customers in central and north Florida, comes with many of the components already prefabricated which dramatically reduces the time necessary to install the system.

Solar hot water heaters are so efficient they do not need any routine maintenance. On the rare day when the sun does not provide all your hot water needs, the back-up electric heating element automatically turns on and ensures no loss in service.

The primary difference between solar water heaters offered by Wayne's Solar and the competition is that our hot water heating system solar water heater is an active system. The alternative passive solar water heating systems can only provide about 40-50% of your average water heating and they act more like pre-heaters rather than self sufficient water heaters.

Do you live in a region of Florida with freezing temperatures? Wayne's Solar provides three different types of solar hot water heaters for Florida customers. You can rest assured your solar heated water will be flowing effectively through your system no matter the weather that day.

Look at some solar hot water heating installation photos or read more about solar hot water heaters in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, and beyond.

The Coolest Green Design Element: Sun Tunnel Skylights

Along with solar electric systems for pool and home, Wayne's Solar offers a natural, energy-efficient alternative to artificial lighting as well: sun tunnels, which are tubular shaped skylights that collect sunlight from every direction, send it down a tube, then diffuse it into previously dark interior spaces. A room that has been "daylighted" looks more beautiful and stays slightly cooler since typical electric lighting actually creates heat. Sun tunnels even light a room on cloudy days!

The sunlight captured from the rooftop and redirected down the reflective tube is so soft that it does not promote UV damage to materials within the illuminated space. Tubular skylights can be the source of illumination for previously dark rooms that you never thought possible to experience natural light: closets, small bathrooms, kitchen corners, laundry rooms, or hallways. As long as there is access to the roof, sun tunnels are a breeze to install.

How about only hitting your light switch when the sun goes down? It's definitely possible with sun tunnels that go from 10 inch to 21 inches in size, corresponding with 300 to 1450 watts of electricity. Tubular skylights are an easy and effective way to earn green certification credits for building projects. And there's a 30 percent tax credit just for installing a light tube!

What other benefits come from utilizing pure, clean sunlight in the rooms of your home or business? Your houseplants will enjoy the full-spectrum light and it's always easier to perform certain tasks in natural light such as applying makeup or reading. In addition you can save up to 40 percent off your utility bill.

From the roof, a sun tunnel looks like a shallow glass dome. Inside the home the diffused light from the tubular skylight could be mistaken for a large recessed light if it were not for how lovely the light itself glows as compared to a traditional light bulb. Sun tunnels from Wayne's Solar can fit where conventional skylights do not and can take as little as two hours to install.

Sun tunnels create a design impact that is also easy and economical. Use of skylights mean that artificial lighting is turned off an average of 70 to 80 percent. The cost of a solar tube can be paid back in energy savings in as soon as two years - provided it is installed by an experienced solar contractor. Wayne's Solar will assist you in determining which and how many sun tunnels you need to get the desired amount of lighting and achieve maximum savings.

Contact Wayne's Solar if you are in the Volusia, Flagler, Putnam, St Johns, or Duval Counties of Florida. We also provide many different internet solar discounts and specials.

Why choose a salt water pool over traditional chlorine?

Salinated (saline = salted water) swimming pools have become very popular in Florida. Perhaps inhabitants of the Sunshine State love our surrounding natural aquatics so much that we demand something akin to it in our backyard pools. It seems that this is true, and with good reason - salt water pools just feel better.

Keep in mind that salinated pools do produce chlorine, but in a different way and in much lower levels. Salinated pools utilize a salt chlorine generator, whereas the traditional pool system has harsh chlorine added directly to the water. Because of the way a salt system functions, there are no chloramines which are an undesirable byproduct of typical chlorination.

Salt water pools provide the following benefits over traditional chlorinated pools:
  • Maintenance of a salinated pool does not require toxic chemicals to be bought, stored, or handled. 
  • Salt water pools do not provoke the scent of chlorine bleach in your nose as you swim. Some people report allergic reactions to chlorine but not to salt. 
  • Saline pools are easier on the eyes and do not cause the redness or stinging that chlorine is known for. 
  • In general salt water pools require less manual maintenance. 
  • The water simply feels better on the skin and hair in a salinated pool - it is less drying and you feel cleaner after you swim than with chlorine. 
  • Some people believe they float in salt water better. 
  • A salt water pool is much clearer than a traditional chlorinated pool. 
  • Swimsuits fade and break down quickly in a chlorine pool. 
  • Salt water systems cost less overall to run. 
  • Traditional chlorine pools can contain copper which is known to turn blonde hair green. 
  • Salt does not evaporate from a pool like chlorine does, and salt recycles itself. 
Wayne's Solar of central Florida is in the business of heating pools with the natural power of the sun. In addition, they are also your go-to source for salt water pool systems in Duval, Putnam, St. Johns, Flagler, and Volusia counties. Wayne's Solar will explain to you in depth how a salt chlorine generator works and what your many options are for building a new salinated pool or retrofitting an existing one.

Seek Professional Service for Repair of Solar Panels

Wayne's Solar provides experienced service and repair for all major brands of photovoltaic solar panels for pools and hot water heaters. It is not advisable to attempt to fix solar panels yourself, or to allow someone who is not a professional in the solar industry to do so. Mistakes can result in compounded problems with the solar panels and end up costing you even more. Even worse, someone could get hurt if they do not know what they are doing.

Wayne's Solar has been a trusted solar contractor in Ormond Beach, Florida for over 25 years - we can quickly address issues with any solar system including ones we have not installed ourselves. Common problems with solar panels include:
  • Damage to the glass from hail, rocks, or bullets. 
  • Loose connections causing intermittent output. 
  • Burnt terminals from oxidation and corrosion. 
  • Diode failure resulting in low voltage. 
  • Old inverters needing regular replacement. 
Wayne's Solar services residential, commercial, and agricultural solar energy needs in Volusia, Flagler, Putnam, and St. John's counties of Florida.

Solar Power - Past, Present, and Future

We are currently in the midst of a green revolution: it seems like everyone is talking about sustainability, organics, recycling, and many other efficient and earth-friendly topics including solar energy.  The truth is, solar power has been a topic of interest for scientists since the 1800s when it was realized that sunlight could produce electrical energy.

In 1887 Heinrich Rudolf Hertz discovered what became commonly known as the photoelectric effect; in 1901 Nikola Tesla described it further.  It was not until 1905 that Albert Einstein published a Nobel Prize-winning scientific paper which explained the photoelectric effect in detail.  The photoelectric effect is the basis of photovoltaic solar power: photoelectrons are emitted from matter after the absorption of energy from visible light.

Today companies such as Wayne's Solar provide solar electric systems for the home using technology developed from what was once a barely understood phenomenon.  There are an abundance of energy-saving products on the market that incorporate the photoelectric effect of photovoltaics, the most popular being solar pool heating systems.  One tends to wonder if Hertz, Tesla, or Einstein had any idea that someday consumers would be using the power of the sun for solar hot water heaters?

Although the future has yet to be written, already science is working on a way to utilize solar power from satellites in space where the sun never stops shining.  Massive amounts of solar energy could be harnessed with solar panels in orbit and then transported to locations on earth using safe, low-powered microwaves.  The technology is there, it is simply a matter of figuring out a cost-effective way to get these satellites into space!

Getting excited about the history and possibilities of solar energy?  Contact Wayne's Solar for more infomation - an established solar contractor in Ormond Beach, Florida with over 25 years of experience.

Beware of Solar Scams - Trust an Established Company

Wayne's Solar has been in the solar energy solutions business for over 25 years in the Ormond Beach, Florida area.  There are many new companies coming up now in response to the new and increasing focus on alternative sources of energy.  Unfortunately there are also many shady companies and individuals that prey on consumers who do not have the resources to know how much a solar system should cost, or what it can do.

It's always a good idea to consult with a company such as Wayne's Solar that has been around for many years and has a time-tested reputation.  For instance, solar hot water heaters from Wayne's Solar cost very well under $10,000 installed, yet some nefarious companies are charging upwards of that!  Buyer beware - and remember that Wayne's Solar will gladly provide a free estimate to homeowners and businesses seeking solar information and service in Putnam, Flagler, St. John's, and Volusia counties of Florida.

Wayne's Solar have been consulted by the Daytona News-Journal and were recently featured on the Alternative Health Florida web site.  For more information, contact Wayne's Solar.    

Passive vs. Active Solar Hot Water Heater Systems

The difference between passive and active (also known as direct) hot water heating systems is a very important consideration when adding this energy-saving appliance to your home or business.  Wayne's Solar offers only the active style of solar hot water heater because after years of experience in the solar energy industry, we have found that this is the best use of the technology for the consumer.

A passive system limits when you can use your hot water - it's simply not appropriate for the climate of northeastern central Florida.  It is counterproductive to use a typical hot water heater with a solar add-on when a whole system works so much better and more efficiently.  Passive solar hot water heating with batch heaters and progressive tubes are simply not worth your time and money.  Wayne's Solar stands behind their use of only active systems that use open loop technology.

The basic Wayne's Solar Domestic Hot Water Heating System includes:

  • One 4 foot x 10 foot AET Solar Collector
  • American Water Heater 80 Gallon Solar Tank
  • Goldline Controls GL30 Differential Controller
  • Freeze Protection Package
  • Engineering/Design/Permitting

Visit our site for more detailed information about solar hot water heaters in Volusia, Flagler, Putnam, and St. Johns counties of Florida.  Remember, solar hot water heaters are eligible for rebates and credits!  Contact Wayne's Solar for pricing and incentive breakdowns.  We live in Florida - why not use the sun for more than just fun?

Wayne's Solar is the Chosen Solar Contractor for Florida Green Homes

Wayne's Solar is excited to announce its affiliation with Florida Green Homes in Palm Coast, Florida, the builder of the first ever Platinum-certified Green Home in Florida.  Florida Green Homes offers homes that are energy-efficient, affordable, hurricane resistant, and beautiful.  From the landscaping to the paint on the walls, every aspect of these homes saves you money and helps sustain the environment and precious resources.  Solar electric power is a fundamental element of a green-built house and Wayne's Solar is the established local supplier for solar hot water heaters, solar pools, solar voltaic electric systems, and solar attic fans in north central Florida.        

Want more information about this exciting new type of home?  See how you can build green and save money in Florida.  

The New Year Starts Right with Solar Incentives and Rebates

"I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that." - Thomas Edison

It is a safe bet that year 2010 promises more amazing stories about solar energy miracles such as: Solar-Powered Irrigation Creates a Harvest of Plenty in Sub-Saharan Africa.

What solar incentives and rebates are promised for residents of Florida who choose solar-fueled hot water heaters, swimming pools, and entire home electric systems?  The same state programs will stay in place until June 20, 2010 - for more information read a explanation here or better yet, contact an expert at Wayne's Solar to explain the policies in terms that you can understand.